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The Sun represents our ability to procreate, and when the Moon person supports this, it nurtures and feeds the Suns creativity and direction in life. Sagittarius degrees might in fact meet someone while traveling. You also might give off a motherly aura. You are unaware of the things there, as the twelfth is an unconscious house. The qualities of the sign where the conjunction occurs feel familiar to both of you. The downsides of Pisces degrees like I said, they can be secretive with certain parts of themselves and can be too intense with their love, perhaps to the point where it drives them crazy or their partners crazy. the harsh ones), Libra Mars (They are scary as fuck and I will die on that hill. You foster in each other a sense of self. If both people share the same sign in their Sun-Ascendant synastry, it can magnify both the positive and negative aspects of the relationship. Cancer degrees in love are very traditional. These cookies do not store any personal information. This in synastry means that the individuals teach each other to embrace their dark side and explore their s*xuality if the relationship isromantic or s*xual. The Sun person naturally understands who the Moon person is and vice versa. All in all, mastered Cancer degrees are your traditional and soft romantics and your unevolved Cancer degrees are clingy overly emotional bitches. The Ascendant person can help the Sun person to feel more comfortable in their own skin. The ascendant changes one degree every four minutes, so you have to know your exact time of birth to calculate it. For emotional compatibility, you have to look to the Moon in the synastry chart, but a harmonious Sun-ascendant aspect helps a lot when it comes to your personality. The conjunction magnifies the qualities of both of these signs like they've been multiplied by each other. The Sun is one of the most important features of a natal chart. Sun quincunx the ascendant in synastry can have a similar effect. Libra Mars placements are SO moody, but boy do they know how to flirt and charm. When the sun is conjunct your ascendant in your natal chart, you have a bright and warm personality, which gives you charisma and a magnetic effect on others. I have an 8th house stellium in my Eros chart and it makes sense, Ill just leave it at that. There is likely to be lots of sexual energy and attraction with this aspect. Majestic creatures. For example, if one person is an Aries Sun while the other is an Aries Ascendant, there may be a lot of competitiveness between the two. Also side note, I could see this placement taking you on dates near the water or involving the water, i.e. There is a soul connection between these two people and they are likely interested in achieving similar things in life. All in all, Aquarius degrees are unique and exciting lovers. Will I ever sing? This point in the birth chart is an important part of who you are. Their job is very important to them, and this can be a downside of dating them, in unevolved Virgo degrees, work comes first. heyyyy. As a couple, you reinforce each other's egos and self-esteem, and you relate to one another extremely well. Vertex conjunct personal planet in synastry is very common in significant relationships. In a Sun-Ascendant conjunction, the person's ego will be strongly linked to their physical appearance and how they present themselves to the world. Aquarius Eros, Lilith in the 11th, Mars in the 11th, Mars Square Pluto, and Aquarius Mars are into some k*nky shit bro. a cruise, a restaurant on the water. They want to make life easier for their partner. This can lead to a lack of authenticity if not properly addressed. Cancer degrees in love are also extremely loyal and wear their heart on their sleeves in love. You feel that you have a lot in common. Ex: one person has cancer in Venus the other has a Venus moon. you may have very similar opinions and living together or spending time together will be much easier with this aspect. Talking about Lilith in the 2nd again, theyre very cunning. Uranus and Neptune conjunct sun. Aries degrees in love are typically the kinds to take charge in relationships and love to call the shots (this doesnt always apply to making the first move, in the actual relationship they just prefer to make all the decisions). The Sun person is also attracted to the ascendant person on a physical level. Virgo degrees are extremely work oriented, so while they are about acts of service and taking care of their partner, the second it interferes with their job? You feel that you are drawn to each other and you want similar things in a relationship. Sun is our ego, our roots, our identity, the solid foundation of our personality. :). The ascendant is our public persona, the mask we wear for the world. This one is weird but Ive noticed that those with outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) in the 3rd house tend to have big lips/mouth or just unique lips/smiles in general. Every time we talk I just want to grab her and kiss her. Scorpio degrees in love are possessive and secretive. There is a need for validation from others, and they may feel like they have to put on a show in order to get it. For obsessive and stalking aspects, I tend to notice those aspects commonly in those situations but it doesnt always mean itll end up like that. This is a relationship that can promote growth on many levels. If the Sun is conjunct the ascendant in synastry from the ascendant from the twelfth house, this is a sensitive relationship. Mars is a fiery, energetic and masculine planet. In the beginning of your life, most people identify more with their rising sign. Ive found this to be true with other Sagittarius placements. The inner self of the Sun person is very similar to the persona of the Ascendant person. Thinking about the time my co-worker liked my other co-worker and she tried to flirt with him by asking for a bite of his icecream and he told her to get her own. A conjunction is when two planets come close together to a certain degree. Moon-Jupiter aspects give big/prominent boobies. They also like to take their partner to beautiful places. The ascendant person becomes somewhat vulnerable, but they can strike back if the Sun person causes them pain. Ive had Lilith conjunct NN with a couple people before, and its a HEAVY aspect. * In romantic relationships, Venus opposition Mars can create a very passionate relationship with well balanced masculine and feminine energies. Sun Conjunct Ascendant Natal. Also for aspecting personal planets and angles, Ive noticed there usually are 3+ aspects, but this isnt always the case. He found a significant proportion had Sun conjunct Moon, Moon conjunct Moon conjunct Ascendant, and reported his findings in monograph, Synchronicity - An Acausal Connecting principle. In love, they have a different side to them. Astrologically the Sun and Moon naturally complement one another, and the Suns self-expression meets with the emotional reactions of the Moon.If the Sun and Moon are sextile or trine to one another, it is the Sun person who lights the way and the Moon person supports and nourishes the Suns aims, goals and objectives. Lilith in the 2nd women tend to be s*xualized in addition to Lilith in the 1st women. They are also natural leaders. Its not as blatant however, its more hidden. For example while this house rules creativity, shes very creative and wants be a fashion designer, whereas hes completely not interested in anything creative. They will help each other remember why they are doing what they are doing. When the conscious goals of the Sun person are in tune with the unconsciousness expression of the other is creates a powerful feeling of emotional containment. Theyre ruthless, whether its for a good cause or a bad cause. People with these harsh aspects also tend to attract those with un-aspected moons. This will help you to recharge and come back even stronger. Hi! Pluto quincunx Sun synastry : Originally posted by faceinmind This aspect is often seen between two people who become obsessed with one another. there's good communication here! Hope you guys enjoy this post! Our Ascendant sign teaches us about the energy we put out into the world, and how we can use it to our advantage. The Moon person is always the reactive one in the partnership and the Sun person in the pro-active one and their sense of purpose is keenly felt by the Moon. This aspect can be even an indicator of marriage if we are talking about a romantic relationship (if there are other indicators, too, of course). On a lighter note lol, Libra degrees are the types to want to take their date to art museums, broadway shows, etc. Also you appear to have a Libra stellium which is proven to be beneficial as Venusian energy is very present in those involved in the arts. LMAO. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Water sun/mars + fire moon or vice versa. The people I know with these placements are constantly hooking up and/or dating people with barely any effort. This is one of the most favorable aspects in synastry. I would bet my left leg theyve all had an emo phase at some point in their lives. The sun rules the zodiac sign Leo and the fifth house of the horoscope. going to amusement parks, laser tag, etc. Theyre also very fun and creative, theyll likely make creative projects with you as their muse. Also this degree deals with flying, so perhaps a date on a hot air balloon. It also warns us of the dangers of over-exerting ourselves and reminds us to rest when we need to. It is nice to have someone supporting the person we are trying to become, and the emotional response of this contact creates a warm, supportive and generous interaction. Theyre also really good at dirty talk. They carry authority and self confience, usually preferring to make their own path rather than wait for a path to appear. Mars is linked to the 1st and the 8th house in astrology, as well as to the Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. Since this is also a fairly creative aspect, Pisces degrees will likely show their love to their partner in creative ways as well, i.e. This aspect is similar to the Sun conjunct ascendant synastry aspect. Hope this helps! This can lead to a lack of intimacy and connection when the facade is finally dropped. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. They like to call the shots in the relationship and are very bold in how they love you. If you have 15 or more points then you likely have a soulmate or karmic relationship. The Sun conjunct ascendant synastry aspect can help the relationship last for a long time. This start's off as a highly fated feeling , mysterious connection. Definitely check @factsrological for more on this! Out of sign conjunctions can be more complex, but generally speaking, the Sun conjunct ascendant synastry aspect is great. Libra degrees in love are all about harmony and balance in the relationship. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Neptune and Uranus in the 12H. Your Higher Journey is bursting with free guides and articles on Astrology, Numerology and more to help you decode your destiny, discover what was written in the stars at your birth and how it affects your personality and your life. Apollo gave an oracle his powers, but she could not answer yes or no. Id also like to emphasize that their family approving of their partner is VERY important to them. Theres also the third option where they just deal with both. * Moon trine Mercury is an aspect that makes conversation flow in a relationship. I could also see mountains being a thing here, maybe going mountain climbing or hiking on a mountain for the view. This is the zodiac sign that came up on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, as it appeared from the place where you were born. They just tend to think about shit over and over again. Maybe Ill do a post about it. I had this with my ex, and for a lot of the relationship I always put the blame on myself because I saw him as this person who fixed me and could do no wrong. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Sun opposite ascendant in synastry is the same as the Sun conjunct descendant. The seventh house and your descendant show the qualities you cant seem to find in yourself (but they are there!) Weird shit. They also like to make jokes during awkward moments and laugh at their own jokes if no one else laughs. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The Moon person feels comfortable and encouraged when talking to the Mercury person, and the Mercury person finds the Moon person easy to talk to. I will say since youre talking about weird things happening with you guys, and your mention of his Mars in the 12th house and Lilith conjunct NN, it does make sense. This relationship is definitely especially intense, it could be the twin flame kind of thing, and the relationship would feel extra intense if it is . Even if you already have a strong and outgoing personality, you will be able to project yourself with more force and power. Cancer moons be giving Shakespearian monologues whenever youve made them upset. You feel happy and fulfilled when together. Overall, Libra degrees are romantic and creative lovers when evolved. Speaking ofsynastry, 7th house synastry will really have you questioning if you should marry the person even if you dont like them. Also, Virgo degrees may avoid talking about problems or diminish their importance to make their partner happy. Ascendant Conjunct Ascendant: This works really well because both people have a similar view of life and have had similar life experiences. A lot of Ceres aspects (3 or more) can make someone very curvy/thick. Gemini degrees are also the kinds who would write love notes to their partner and are very expressive with how much they love their partner. Ive been wondering about a post you made about obsessive and stalking aspects in synastry and one caught my eye, since its one I have with my current crush. People with harsh Casanova aspects esp to their Mars tend to be unfaithful in relationships. Im also very loud as well. At least at first. The sun conjunct ascendant synastry aspect here enables the Sun person to see through the ascendant person. The Moon is understanding, comforting, and plays an emotionally supportive role in the relationship. Sun-Ascendant people are natural born leaders. . Ive noticed sapphic women tend to have Venus-Uranus, Mars-Uranus Mars-Neptune, and/or Venus-Neptune placements. Minor degrees included. Its as if they can look into each others souls and understand what motivates them. Myself and the other people I know with this placement all have some form of an anxiety disorder. They have a charm about them that just makes them irresistible. In many ways, there is a feeling of . It takes time to discover your Sun even for you! Take some alone time: Even though this is a relationship that is based on connection, its important to have some time apart. The couple can hurt eachothers ego if not careful. This is a positive synastry aspect, but its important to be aware of the potential challenges that may come up and how to deal with them. In relationships they also like to take their time and truly get to know the person, as they want to ensure that this person is truly right for them. * Mars conjunct another persons Mars can create a relationship where two people can easily relate to one anothers willful, impulsive, or competitive nature. I dont know why but they just do. Regardless, once a person masters this placement, they will give you their best and will aim to make you feel your best. Hope this helps! Youd think with the Scorpio energy itd be a piercing gaze, but Ive always seen individuals with this having a very soft gaze. I have a cancer sun (10H), cancer mercury (10H), cancer Venus (10H) and cancer Saturn (10H). Your confident and positive attitude will leave a strong impression on other people. If you want an example, I have this and for my last ex I would make playlists for him, I drew a portrait of him, and I wrote poems for him. You recognize yourself in each other. Since Apollo conjunct ascendant deals with power and people looking up to someone, I have people trying to take my power away and fight me for it if you will. * Jupiter conjunct another persons Jupiter creates a relationship that can almost be too much of a good thing. Their outward expression is appealing to you and you may desire to know them more personally. People with Pluto in the 7th, Saturn in the 7th, an afflicted or unaspected 7th house ruler, and Scorpio in the 7th, Ive noticed tend to get into relationships later in life, i.e. It is about being playful and childlike, having fun and enjoying life. Asteroid Vesta aspecting Saturn may indicate losing your virginity later in life. The downsides here can be jealousy and possessiveness as well as having a hard time being vulnerable with romantic partners! The more accurate the birth data, the more precise the natal chart is. You have a lot of things in common, and you like each others physical appearance and persona. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. These people may feel out of sync at times and may struggle to understand each other. Why is the ascendant so important in astrology? This knowledge gives them a great deal of empathy for one another. Scorpio degrees need to learn how to be vulnerable. * Moon and Venus in harmonious aspect to one another in synastry generally indicate compatibility in romantic relationships. Lilith Square Mars. Hi there! Moon/Chiron aspects: With harmonious aspects this can inidicate the chiron person having the . With his Venus conjunct your Sun, there's a lot of mutual harmony and admiration that's deeper than the Ascendant conjunction. If you are young, it can happen that the ascendant person displays the traits of this sign more, as the Sun person usually needs time to fully own their Sun. Descendant. Sun-Moon synastry contacts are like the yin and yang of all relationship interactions. Each person is able to support the other in their endeavors. I have this with a few people and Ill randomly start thinking about marrying them and Im like nope. Because of this, I think this also is an anxiety placement since theres so much overthinking and not being able to move on from past events. If you found this article about the Sun conjunct ascendant synastry aspect useful, maybe you want to save it for later. They may also have difficulty asserting themselves. Sun conjunct Ascendant in Synastry: This is one of the most powerful indications of physical attraction between a couple. my friend has the exact same big 6!!!! The Sun trine ascendant synastry aspect is similar to the conjunction, but less intense. In the beginning of your life, you are more likely to feel that your ascendant suits you better. just anything creative. Aries moons Scorpio moons having an intense and dark eyes/gaze (if they dont have really dark eyes, they have a dark gaze), Libra suns and risings LOVE to buy from influencers. They want an established home and family with their partner- whether its with kids, pets, or just the two of you. While they might be self conscious or pushy at times, they're usually warm, charismatic and charming friends with amazing leadership potential. Not saying every person with these placements has radical political beliefs but Ive almost never seen a radical and unconventional politician/economist without one.

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