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Two months pass, and the damage of the War has passed. Full text of the 'Sri Mahalakshmi Dhyanam & Stotram', Follow Up: struct sockaddr storage initialization by network format-string. So, what does it mean? The wardens marked history with their sacrifices so what happens when during the fourth holy grail war when a new type of servant is summoned. Having another vision of Saber's past, Shirou sees the consequences of her deliberate isolation from her people, and how she was rejected by her own knights for not understanding human emotion. Prompted by the sight of Fuyuki in flames, they set forth to fight together once more. and all of them fight between themselves for his love. This young man was just like the clouds in th Two Sabers, a sloth and a mammoth are all what it took to bring a baby human back to his father. He later wakes up in his room being cared for by Saber. The three original families in response destroyed the grail, le a complicated story where you will have their story reacting to other versions of Shirou and Archer and other stories of them in Chaldea. There's one I read way back 2012, after the traumatizing end of fate route. Sakura informs Shirou that she will not be able to help for the weekend on a personal errand, but discovers a strange welt developing on his hand. Saber prepares to use the last of her energy to use Excalibur, but Shirou stops her with a Command Spell. The first thing you need to know is that Archer (the red man, not Gilgamesh) is actually Shirou. Having been rescued from a great fire that ravaged Fuyuki City by Kiritsugu 10 years ago, Shirou secretly trains alone in reinforcement magic, with little success. Shirou goes back in time to arthurian era britain, mwt saber there who is alive and well before they met in fuyuki and went to battles together, in the end, to get back to 2004 they went to sleep wtih a fucking time capsule to hibernate in until rin found them. Saber duels Lancer, holding an advantage due to her invisible sword. and what would happen then? Shirou flees, but is cornered in one of the hallways by Lancer and mortally wounded, in an effort to eliminate whom he believes is a non-magus witness of the battle. He apologizes to Saber for his past stubbornness, and decides to fight with Saber instead of by himself, properly realizing his own uselessness. Archer and Rin reconcile and agree to work together, but Archer claims he has suffered amnesia from Rin's botched summoning, and is unable to recall his true identity. Even after kissing her, she continues to reject him to keep to her duty. It can't be Heaven's Feel cause he kills her as you say. "I ride, and Hell follows with me." But maybe it's better to just consider it another ending in which Rin leaves to study magic and Shirou and Saber live happily in this world. Disappointed, Kirei tempts Saber with the Holy Grail in exchange for killing Shirou. Yet known to past. Shirou has another vision of Saber's past - seeing her lonely reign as the king who was fair and perfect. Many times he wanted to give up. The first turns into an Apocrypha crossover, the second a fgo crossover, and the third is . It makes perfect sense for Shirou to look for Saber and for Saber, who loves him deeply, to suffer waiting for him (risking suffering for all eternity). Mordred finally made up with her father and theyre living happily at the Emiya residence. But the fate route has many endings, and so do other routes/timelines. Before continuing, the 100% canon endings written by Nasu where Shirou and Arturia live together happily are: "Last episode" can also happen in different timelines/routes but it is sure to happen after Fate's true ending. He is the adopted son of Kiritsugu Emiya, the adopted brother of Illyasviel Von Einzbern, and the younger self of EMIYA . After many, many years of enduring patiently. It can't be Illya's route either IMO as it doesn't exist and I doubt Nasu would write the ending first (Not to mention that he said "the ending of a certain route in fate stay night": and Illya's route doesn't exist in fate stay night as of today). I used eternity as a means to indicate an immeasurable amount of time, since given Shiro's Magecraft abilities, had he developed something to allow him to reach Avalon, it would have taken him a hell lot of time. There, the priest and moderator of the war, Kirei Kotomine, explains to him the rules of the Holy Grail War: a secret conflict between seven magi, Masters, and their Servants, in the quest for the Holy Grail, the magical object which is said to grant any wish. UBW good ending: This is the more attacked by far. If you consider Saber to wait for Shiro as a suffer(because she loves him), Then I think 'eternity' is a hell lot of suffering @HashiramaSenju true, this is just wild speculation but i would assume she would have to wait at least 10 years since it was 10 years after the 5th War the Mage's Association and the El-Melloi/Tohsaka Supporters fought over the Greater Grail and there's nothing to say Shiro was involved or not (it says the conflict was on the same magnitude as the Grail War and i assume Shrio's ideals would get him involved if he was there). Kiritsugu hesitated. Continuing their daily routine, Rin notes that the Master at the Ryuudou Temple has ceased activity, and is investigating the cause. After a long, tiring journey to reach for the stars. The reason is that it is done as an epilogue for such ending (it actually says epilogue) and Nasu said in his blog it is Fate's route true ending. Believing she is somewhat responsible for Shirou's death, Rin finally decides to summon a servant. Having decoded her late father's will, she finds her family's greatest jewel and heirloom - a jewel pendant, containing a vast amount of magical energy. Lancer denies being the source of the field, and attacks Rin, who escapes down to the school courtyard. I'm going to mainly focus on Last Episode, stating a few things that weren't said in other answers. Good thing that Artoria is willing to share this time. Why do many companies reject expired SSL certificates as bugs in bug bounties? And then after that, we get some internal monologue from Shirou-turned-Archer, bemoaning the worthlessness of his existence, followe by some internal monologue from Saber, longing for Shirou. My code is GPL licensed, can I issue a license to have my code be distributed in a specific MIT licensed project? Caster briefly fights Saber, and it is revealed that Caster had killed her own Master, and that Assassin has already been defeated. Berserker and Illya arrive, and Saber duels Berserker on more equal footing. Shirou continues to live life normally and peacefully with Taiga, Sakura, and Illya, who is now living with Taiga. Sakura, sister of Shirou's estranged friend, Shinji Matou, regularly comes to his household to help cook and clean for him and Taiga Fujimura, a teacher and Shirou's legal guardian. Despite this, he swears to bring Rin victory. Rin chats in the archery dojo, and greets club member Sakura Matou. We've added a "Necessary cookies only" option to the cookie consent popup. A Fate subreddit for all Shirou and Artoria content: fanart, discussions, cosplays, doujins, etc. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. If, for some reason, you actually want to know if Kiritsugu and Saber ever meet again, the answer is no. At home, Rin informs priest Kirei Kotomine, her mentor, former apprentice of her father and supervisor of the current Holy Grail War, of her summoning of Archer as the sixth Master. That it was some sort of an inside joke to troll the audience who desperately want to see them reunite. Saber reluctantly reveals that she, on the brink of death, made a contract with the World to gain the Holy Grail, which made her an incomplete Servant caught in an temporal loop of returning to her point of death and being summoned to retrieve any Holy Grail while the contract holds. Does a summoned creature play immediately after being summoned by a ready action? Browse other questions tagged, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site. She constantly insists that she is a knight first and that her gender is of little importance to her. Lancer pursues the fleeing student, to uphold the rule of eliminating any non-magus witnesses of the War. Though like with the throne, Mordred cant help herself but desire what (or rather who) doesnt belong to her and belong to her father when she falls in love with her fathers queen, Lancelot style. The rational ending after everything that happened should be the normal ending. The Third Holy Grail War was over, and the grail had been corrupted by Angra Mainyu. Actually, reality is that all happy endings if you reach the end of the game are strongly criticised by the VN community as fanservice. Basically they choose different paths as Shirou and Saber don't follow her (as Shirou does in UBW true ending) Rin is initially skeptical, but Saber, drawing from her experience in the previous Holy Grail War, informs them that the Temple is a strong ley line, with a bounded field that forces all outsiders to enter only via the mountain gate - therefore a strategically sound base for a Master. Rin convinces them to allow her to stay, claiming her house is undergoing renovations. (One set has him and Arturia have sex in Avalon when they reunited, while in the next set, they are back in Fuyuki living together with Rin and Sakura visiting). Seeing that Saber in truth hates having to fight, Shirou continues to pressure Saber into not redoing the past and saving her own self to be happy and rewarded for her work already done. After saying his farewells to Rin, Archer willingly returns to the Throne of Heroes to continue his eternal duties as a Guardian of the Counter Force. Analysing one of its sources, they realise to their horror that, when complete, the field is intended to melt down the people within the field into magical energy, in order to fuel a Servant. She also serves as the servant protagonist of the route as well. Archer comes from a timeline where Rin didnt summon him. Do Emiya Shirou and Arturia ever meet again after Fate/stay night? Shirou passes out from exhaustion. How can I use it? Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Comment (you don't have to answer): We already have an ending where Shitou and Saber get to live in this world even without that: it's Ataraxia's true ending/epilogue (which was written by Nasu and happens outside of the time loop), where Saber gets to stay in this world as Shirou's master. Because I'm pretty darned sure Saber was not, in fact, in love with him. Fanfic. What is the complete story of King Artoria in Fate? While returning home, they witness Sakura meeting with a strange blonde-haired foreigner. The way it is done it seems to be similar to UBW good ending, so I guess it could also be its future once Rin goes to Clock Tower considering that Saber says: ""with Rin gone, it is my duty to supervise you". This kinda gets meta, but whether or not he succeeds depends on the author. Archer battles Lancer in the courtyard in close combat. TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Enraged, Rin wastes one of her three Command Spells, the marks of a Master that can force up to three absolute orders of their Servant, to force Archer into obedience with a vague order. With neither willing to back down, the argument results in Shirou angrily running away after Saber coldly rejects him, stating that she doesn't need him and will finish the war on her own. Site design / logo 2023 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA. In Unlimited Blade Works, because Caster canceled the contract between Saber and Shirou, Rin is able to from a contract with Saber. remember that Kiritsugu's last name is Emiya so in japanese his name is Emiya Kiritsugu. Outside, happy that she was able to save Shirou's life, Saber admits that her wish to change her past was selfish. Archer returns, returning Rin's pendant to her despite being unsuccessful in finding Lancer's Master. Sakura and Taiga discover Rin living at Shirou's house, to their dismay. Roy_Henry123 1 yr. ago Initially reluctant, Shirou agrees to participate in the war as the seventh Master at Kirei's urging, wanting to prevent another catastrophic disaster. Shirou is unwilling to accept this, as it means she will not receive true salvation for her actions, doomed to serve the World forever while her work is essentially erased from history. Revealing this ability as his own Noble Phantasm, the Gate of Babylon, the Archer reveals his identity as the legendary Gilgamesh, the "King of Heroes". Shirou states he has no regrets about his parting with Saber, and vows with Rin to keep Saber in his memory for the rest of his life. While Saber and Rider clash up along the side of the skyscraper, Shirou, thinking Shinji is there as well, heads to the building's rooftop. After fighting Angelica, Shirou was sucked in by the black hole and when he woke up, Zelretch stood in front of him grinning, after a little chat. Unlimited Blade Works good ending: In the VN if Shirou appoints love points to Saber the good ending will happen and Saber will says she stays for him. Aware of Shirou's history and nature, Kirei also reveals the previous Holy Grail War, in which he had briefly participated as a Master, had caused the fire that destroyed Shirou's town, and taunts Shirou's own desire to become a Hero of Justice. In the Fate Route, after Saber vanished and returned to her own time, we see a shot of Arturia and Bedivere. Archer is mortally wounded defending Rin, and she uses her second Command Spell, returning him to spirit form to save him. Assassin stops Saber, sensing the hidden foe trying to see Saber's Noble Phantasm, and allows her to leave. Yep, Shirou is dead. Rin skips school to show Archer around her home city - Fuyuki City. Shirou continues to experience strange events, including an odd feeling in the air when he enters the school. You may think that even though it's the canon epilogue written by Nasu, it is also fanservice because of how happy it is. As they leave the church, the white-haired girl, a young German Master named Illyasviel von Einzbern, assaults them with her Servant, Berserker. Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, and our products. (One set has him and Arturia have sex in Avalon when they reunited, while in the next set, they are back in Fuyuki living together with Rin and Sakura visiting). Smut. The pair search the city throughout the day, but noticing Shirou's fatigue, Saber soon takes Shirou to rest at the Fuyuki Central Park late into evening. When Emiya Shirou (pre FSN) comes into contact with one of these anomalies, he goes back to medival Britain. Saber easily overpowers and badly wounds Archer, forcing his Master to return him to spirit form using a Command Spell. In the context of F/SN, Sakura needs to be active as the Shadow in order for Salter to exist, so Sakura might be screwed if Shirou can't save both . Shirou endures many tribulations in his life and never stops believing that he will find Saber. Only one will stand tall After arriving at her school, Homurahara Academy, and meeting friend and archery club captain Ayako Mitsuzuri, she finds she is unexpectedly early. Antes de llegar a la residencia Emiya, Sakura haba sido sorprendida por Shirou, que le pidi cubrirse los ojos con una venda, se vea bastante agitado y estaba claro que haba salido corriendo para poder reunirse con ella, pero . rev2023.3.3.43278. Ive read HUNDREDS of comments saying UBW good is just mere wish-fulfillment and that Saber shouldnt be able to be maintained in this world no matter how much Shirou bangs both girls to help. unless this is different in the, I know haha. Big Cock. I didn't mean in every route (as he just gets Sakura and Rider in Heaven's Feel) I mean in every form (harems and the 2 of them in avalon and in this world), That's great! 1 Saber: Shirou Thinks She's Feminine Saber pretty much exists to fight. In Ralta Nua, they simply sleep together peacefully, as requested by Saber, to improve their connection to recharge her. https://archiveofourown.org/works/7648369/chapters/17412472, i have read cafe of the round, i don't think its shirou x saber though. However in Unlimited Blade Works, Rin is Shirou's love interest so with the True Ending for Unlimited Blade Works where Saber does disappear at the destruction of the Grail, it can be assumed that Shirou loves Rin more and does not go to find Saber so -Last Episode- won't occur. However, before they can continue the fight, Caster is suddenly attacked, and brutally killed by a rain of Noble Phantasms from a new arrival - a Servant in golden armor. Disappointed, Kirei then reveals the full extent of his betrayal, as Gilgamesh suddenly walks in: he is the Master of both Lancer and Gilgamesh, to the surprise of Saber, Shirou and Lancer. Kirei arrives, and confirms that they are the fellow orphans who had also survived the fire alongside Shirou, kept alive for years to provide magical energy to his Servant. Ataraxias ending outside of the timeloop once 100% of the game has been completed: This ending is just too perfect if you happen to be Shirou. That is the only word that can be used to describe this young man. So we have a saber class servant that willingly states Shirou, you are still my master while having another master and in the visual novel after Rin saves her she flirts with her masters boyfriend. YMMV. Are there tables of wastage rates for different fruit and veg? Oliver friends from Union and the Orario has been wandering if he managed to become the Hero of Justice he After Jaune Arc saved Cardin Winchester from the Ursa, Cardin still told everyone about his fake transcripts. However, the two end up sleeping peacefully together after having sex again at Saber's request to recharge her. Saber is a strong-willed young woman who always speaks resolutely. Whatever the situation just keep in mind that Nasu wrote that scene as an ending and can therefore be considered as such. Now Shiro is shown at the end of -Last Episode- to be hugging Arturia and he wa wearing the shroud Archer wore (though now in a different style), so they did meet up. At the time it only had 83 chapters.). Please consider turning it on! He is quickly ambushed again by Lancer, who had returned to finish the job. However, both Shirou and Saber overcome their opponents by using Avalon simultaneously: Saber summons the true Avalon, completely blocking Enuma Elish and providing her an opening. As they fight, however, it becomes apparent that their enemies have the upper hand on them; Gilgamesh with the Gate of Babylon and Ea, and Kirei wielding the mud of the Grail's curse. Shirou and Saber return home to discover to their horror that Kirei has already acted - kidnapping Illya and severely wounding Rin. After recovering, a frustrated Shirou again beckons Saber to be happy for herself, and that he loves her. Author's Note: Um.hey. But if it's immediately after the summoning they will battle, hard. Archer, at Rin's reluctant behest, remains behind to hold off Berserker while they escape, and gives Shirou a final piece of advice before they leave. It was clear she loved him, but after that shes so lovestruck she cant even spar with him. Little Ritsuka and her Loving Family is a Fate/Grand Order fanfiction by kamenhero25 in which Ritsuka is a ten-year-old girl. He performs this routine daily, wishing to eventually become a Hero of Justice, to prevent further disasters like the Fuyuki fire, of which he still suffers nightmares, as well as mysterious dreams of swords. What convinced Saber to destroy the Holy Grail in the Unlimited Blade Works movie? In Avanger's design to recreate the 3rd Holy Grail War, because in the 3rd war the Edelfelt Sisters used their Sorcery Trait to summon 2 Sabers, this is mimicked in this new war with Arturia having a second personality in the form of Saber-Alter which is her dark corrupted self from the Heaven's Feel Route of the visual Novel. With Saber's condition rapidly deteriorating, they are unable to escape the forest, and decide to stay the night in an abandoned shack within the forest. Shirou Emiya, adopted son of the late magus Kiritsugu Emiya, is woken for school by his close junior, Sakura Matou. Saber prepares to kill the Master, but Shirou, confused by the situation, stops Saber - and discovers the other Master to be none other than Rin Tohsaka. Chapter 1: Awakening A tiny wish upon the stars. Shirou would try to save Saber. Unwilling to accept the unfairness of her past, Shirou resolves to save Saber, and to repay her for her life well-fought. After nightfall, Rin remains at school to investigate the bounded field with Archer. When I first listened to Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years," I thought it was absolutely perfect for Shirou and Saber's relationship; thus, this two-shot was born. Completing her classes with teacher Souichirou Kuzuki, Rin returns home to prepare for her summoning, intending to summon a Saber-class Servant. This is why -Last Episode- is seen as the True End of the Fate Route, because Shiro and Arturia are finally together in the end. As the date changes, with Rin stable, and the final battle imminent, Shirou and Saber have a final strategy meeting. Saber, however, collapses from exhaustion from using too much magical energy, and Shirou carries her all the way back to his house. They reconcile and begin to head home. Batch split images vertically in half, sequentially numbering the output files. Shirou, concerned due to the visions of her past, asks Saber about her wish. Accepting Kiritsugu's actions, Saber wholeheartedly agrees with Shirou's decision to destroy the Holy Grail. After the H-scene in the fate route, sabers mind is 100% set on Shirou. Since my first one got 1k I'd thought make another except its Baber this time. A mix of regular Fate Shirou and Unlimited Blade Works Shirou. Cafe of the Round, an AU story by the same author as the Gemstones series(I believe at least) where Artoria and the other knights have been reincarnated in modern times and their shenanigans in London in their little cafe. There's a set of three fics by the same author; Fate Sword and Arrow, Avalon Bond, and Shadow Spear that cover Shirou/Saber content in Fate, UBW, and HF respectively. However, she soon senses Shirou is in mortal danger at the church and rushes off to save him.[2]. fategrandorder. Rin reveals that Shirou had mysteriously healed on his own, and believes it is a power granted by his Servant Saber. The day proceeds normally (with a second possible meeting with Illya at the shopping district) aside from a surprise visit from Issei and gifts from Taiga. She charges towards Gilgamesh before he can react, killing him with a fully-charged point-blank strike from Excalibur. At Rin's urging, Shirou and Saber have sex in order to replenish Saber's low magical energy / perform a ritual to transplant part of Shirou's Magic Circuit into Saber (Ralta Nua). Because she has spent so long thinking about herself as a warrior and not so much as a woman, she doesn't think of herself as being particularly feminine. Fates true ending last episode: Because of their deep love both Saber and Shirou forge their own happy ending in Avalon. I might drop this at any time without warning, I'm only writing this as a hobby. All of beacon hates him all of sudden calling him fraud. Will Gnome 43 be included in the upgrades of 22.04 Jammy? Disconnect between goals and daily tasksIs it me, or the industry? That night, Saber meets Shirou, revealing she had seen his past in a dream like he did - witnessing the Fuyuki fire and the cause of Shirou's trauma firsthand. Assassin reveals his identity as Sasaki Kojirou, and executes his secret technique, Tsubame Gaeshi. The Grand Order of Greats and Legends, Fate/Grand Order: Heian HEROES Piyo Works, Artificial Heroic Spirit Soldiers Held Krieger. Oh lets not forget that they all have different experiences with him, from different timelines. rev2023.3.3.43278. I'm going to use one of my past comments for this, Shirou goes back in time to before Arturia pulls Caliburn from the stone (the longest one here sitting at currently 83 chapters, each of which being medium to long in length), Basically master Arturia summoning Muramasa in Shirou/Archer's(?) Shirou decides to take Saber out on a date in an effort to make Saber happy and convince her to give up her wish. Unknown to future, Shirou looked at his sister and his eyes softened with affection. Saber confronts Lancer in the church, and they duel briefly. After some time he did Fate's true ending epilogue "last episode" and recently he's made UBW's true ending epilogue (an 11 page script that was handed to Ufotable in order to make the epilogue episode). Kiritsugu dies a few years after the fourth war, and that's the end of that. Her attitude towards the rest of the people remains the same though. She performs the summoning ritual without a catalyst, only to discover too late she had missed the optimal time due to her mis-timed clocks. In this case, regarding the rest of the timelines the answer is Maybe, sort of. [3] However, Lancer, no longer able to stand with Kirei, instead turns on Gilgamesh and allows Saber and Shirou to escape at the cost of his life. Kirei taunts Shirou, revealing that Kiritsugu was cursed by the Grail for destroying it, resulting in his early death, before smothering Shirou with the Grail's curse, "Angra Mainyu". Shirou skips school to train with Saber, who is merciless in her methods, bonding with her as they spar and spend time together. Minimising the environmental effects of my dyson brain. Ten years later, the Holy Grail War is about to begin, and Kotomine Shirou summons forth a kindred spirit as his Servant. Because of how Nasu made it, it can also happen in the rest of the timelines. With their opponents defeated, Illya is freed and Shirou uses his final Command Spell to have Saber destroy the Holy Grail and its contents, ensuring the evil within it will never be used again. When asked if Archer comes from the fate route in interviews he has denied it. I don't think it is HF as there is no need of her being there.After all Shirou has 0% chance of becoming archer there since he gave up on being a hero. Shirou heads to the church to ask for Kirei's advice regarding Gilgamesh. Returning to the building, Saber then holds off Rider while Shirou easily overpowers Shinji. Shirou Emiya ( , Emiya Shir?) After some time he did Fate's true ending epilogue "last episode" and recently he made UBW's true ending epilogue (an 11 page script that was handed to Ufotable in order to make the epilogue episode). Though reluctant to let Shirou do so, Saber agrees to his proposal to have him fight alongside her. Meeting at lunch, Rin explains to Shirou that a spell has been placed around the school - a bounded field that will indiscriminately drain the life force of anyone within it to fuel its creator, due to activate in ten days. Or maybe the light novel perhaps mentions something about it. He placed the tea he had in his hands aside and gently held Illya's hands. How can we prove that the supernatural or paranormal doesn't exist? blowjob. Both feeling animosity towards each other, Archer challenges and warns Shirou of the flaws in his ideal of becoming a Hero of Justice before leaving. Got one for the list. Strange Tales of Heroic Spirit Lore ~King of the Cavern, Edmond Dants~, Fate/Grand Order: MedbMedbMedb! In the Good Ending of Unlimited Blade Works, we see that Rin is able to maintain Saber's Prana Supply but complains she finds it hard supplying her with energy without something like the Holy Grail. What is Archer's background in Unlimited Blade Works? 2) Shirou kills Saber in Heaven's Feel. It's a slight enhancement to the original video. Source: Fate/Zero anime Fate/stay night. He has travelled aimlessly without end to look for the one thing that he needed the most in his life. The two argue, and Rin passes by fellow student Shirou Emiya, who is helping Issei with repairs. The pair continue their search, and soon Saber senses Rider on a nearby skyscraper. Regarding the question that was asked before: Grateful to Shirou, Illya swears to help him win the War. Managing to free himself from Illya's restraints, Shirou is fortunately met with Saber, Rin and Archer, who had come to his rescue, sneaking into the castle without resistance. [1], Meanwhile, back at the house, Saber learns from Rin's investigation that Lancer's contract was stolen by someone else very early in the war; Saber then quickly realizes who Lancer's Master must be. Shirou Emiya is the adopted son of Kiritsugu Emiya who refused to bring up Shirou in the ways of magic after his own battles in the . Shirou got cheats, and go Isekai in the hope to kill Demon King and reunite with Miyu. My guess is that it would be the UBW route as you suggest. Fate sword and order, ots written by the same guy who writes fate in time but it has started only recently started. You can find people everywhere saying it is a nonsenical happy ending. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. However, on the way home at the bridge, the date ends with an intense argument between the two regarding Saber's wish. Quotes. Encountering Shinji after school, he tasks Shirou with staying to clean the school's archery dojo in his place as a favor, despite no longer being a member. Why is there a voltage on my HDMI and coaxial cables? He recognises the sword as a gift he had given to Rin, before dying. Mordred finally made up with her father and they're living happily at the Emiya residence.

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